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SupaJam started in 2007 when David Court and Nick Stillwell couldn’t sleep on a flight to LA.

Having recently exited from their online horror TV, movie and internet business the burning question for them on that flight was just how do great new bands breakout to the mainstream and get noticed when the internet was drowning under MP3’s and TV was embracing talent shows that favoured cover versions with a predictable key changes.

By the time they landed in LA SupaJam was conceived:

  1. Find the best emerging bands through the power of the interweb.
  2. Those that showed promise invite to live gigs in real venues playing to real people.
  3. For those that blow everyone away give them slots at some of the biggest festivals in Europe.

What followed was quite frankly astounding. SupaJam had over 6,000 bands submit their music with over 4 million combined fans. We put on in excess of 50 gigs a year in the UK, secured slots at some of Europe’s biggest music festivals for our bands and artists and gave away over 50,000 free festival tickets to music fans.

But Nick and David didn’t stop there. They sat down with Sony Pictures Television in Los Angeles and showed how real people wanted access to real music that wasn’t cynically manufactured.

What resulted was the BREAKOUT BRASIL television series where SupaJam partnered with Sony Pictures Television, Google and Sony Music to tap into the untapped musical heritage of Brasil.

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