Album Review of Animal Man by David Migden The Twisted Roots

April 4, 2014

David Migden & The Twisted Roots

Animal Man

The opening track ‘Wamp’ has the vintage sound of jazz, rock and blues
all in an exciting explosion, the vocals are seamless and stirring.
You’re instantly prepared for business when David Migden brings the
The guitar solo is the fundamental glue to this song which adds the
perfect opportunity for everybody to freely air guitar and reach that
note anticipation roller coaster.

The rest of the album takes a more conventional free flowing jazz
structure with added reach in Migden’s vocals where he proves his vocal
range, hitting peaking notes in ‘Top of the mountain’.

The vintage snare drums acoustic piano throughout the album provide the
authentic jazz sound with tinkering piano that provides an uplift from
the smooth trance.
‘We know what you have done’ includes backing vocals from Goldie Reed,
and opens with haunting ghoulish harmonies. This track is where I feel
David migden & The Twisted roots come into their stride as the song is
dynamic whilst keeping a mysterious and eerie undertone.

‘Wild world’ gives the album lift, this exciting track immediately
makes you feel uplifted by a chorus of scatting (the jazz kind) and the
funked up beat. This is a track to get your dancing shoes on for as I
think you’d be hard pushed not to bust a number to this swinging track.

Key tracks to look out for, ‘We know what you have done’ , ‘Wild
world’, ‘Wamp’.


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