Cosmo Jarvis – Think Bigger Deluxe Edition

February 1, 2013

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You could never accuse Cosmo Jarvis of a lack of ambition. Think Bigger he says, then proceeds to gleefully do so. His first album HUMASYOUHITCH SONOFABITCH was an 18 track double CD, his second came accompanied with a DVD of 18 short films written, directed and starring Jarvis, and now, third album, Think Bigger, released to critical acclaim in November, is being reissued with a DVD of his first feature film The Naughty Room, and an additional CD of The Naughty Room OST. We believe prolific is the term.

The album Think Bigger itself still sounds strong – packed with the kind of maximal Americana not seen since Fleetwood Mac’s heyday. A listen to tracks such as Train Down and Sunshine confirm Jarvis’ ambition – multi tracked choruses, furiously picked strings, driving guitars and orchestral breakdowns are all chucked in the mix to form dynamic wide screen epics.

He occasionally flirts with Mumford down-home cosiness, which you can take or leave depending on your preference (for the record, I’m gonna leave it – Friend of the Devil’s faux hick accent and Bumfuck, Tennessee banjos started to really grate). Girl From The Village sees his English accent reclaimed, and it’s tale of meaningless death – reminiscent of Village Green Preservation Society era Kinks – is particularly memorable.

Album closer Think Bigger floats in on a swooning pastoral melody, with Jarvis laying out a philosophy of unity – “we’re all the same/ until we’re raised” before imploring people to dream large, “I could build a pyramid// so could any other kid.” With this reissue, Jarvis has shown he walks the talk. How many 23 year olds take time out from a career in rock n roll to script, direct, soundtrack and star in their own feature film? And then for it to be good…? Jesus, I’m starting to hate this guy…

The Naughty Room is a strange film, the story of a 20 year old stoner (played by Jarvis) still living at home, realising (via a used wanksock..) that his neighbour is another 20 year old man (also played by Jarvis) held captive by his mother for years. Its potty mouthed, often funny, often uncomfortable, and ultimately redemptive. Crucially, it’s a fine work, if a little flawed here and there, and made on a shoe string budget. Its presence announces Jarvis as a blossoming into a national treasure, and there’s a real possibility that this deluxe package is going to be quite the collectors piece in years to come. A rare talent is forming. 7/10

Released March 4th

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