Errors – New Relics

September 24, 2012

We can only guess that Errors have been necking moonshine ‘til the sky turns furry. How else to explain the gibbering woodland goblin sounds of New Relics? This bizarre, enchanting fourth mini album for Rock Action records has the Scottish act dispensing with anything so humdrum as traditional song structure, instead pouring out bubbling layers of synthetic warp, the songs spilling out in crazed strands of plosive colour. The album’s title is appropriate- New Relics’ tracks call to mind a monolithic mysticism, part 80s fantasy flick soundtrack, part hairy 70s druidrock, all immensely unique.

Throughout lyrics are obscured, as with everything else, in a gauzy layer of effects- canyon big reverb and collapsing echoes mask meaning, and the vocals are treated as another instrument in a full orchestra. There is no minimalism; every frequency filled in a shifting kaleidoscope of sound. The closest parallels to the album can be found in the crumbling nostalgic of the chillwave movement: the synths and guitar sounds Errors draw from on New Relics are largely drawn from 80s pioneers such as The Cure and Cocteau Twins, played through a Vaseline smear of memory, like a pleasantly dilapidated recollection of an album once dreamt.

This is the sound of a band stretching out its sound, treating music as something to be curious about, and looking beyond the conventions of pop. The end result is a work of shimmering starlit magic, fascinating, memorable, and impossible to pin down. 8/10

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