Kindness – World, You Need a Change of Mind

March 15, 2012

On World, You Need a Change of Mind, Kindness mastermind Adam Bainbridge reimagines sleek 80s funk into a woozy blur; a Vaseline smeared mirrorball. 3 years in the making, the album was finally completed in Paris with French house maestro Phillipe Zdar- the Cassius producer’s love of wheezing analogue and juicy slabs of bass is evident throughout. Bainbridge’s vocals layer and float, an ethereal disembodied tone that owes a great deal to disco maverick Arthur Russell – in fact, it’s some surprise that Russell’s name doesn’t get mentioned in the breathy list of influences chanted over the restrained jazz of Bombastic, especially as the legendary New Yorkers’ unique avant disco seems to have informed so much of Kindness’s sound.

At its best WYNACOM is a body of beautiful, heartfelt grooves, reverberating like the last trace of a fabulous dream. There is time for crashing gated drums and diva vocals on That’s Alright, dancefloor agitating slap-bass haze on album closer Doigsong, and the addictive vocal hooks and broad synth washes of single Cyan.

If it sets a foot wrong, it’s in the cover of Anita Dobson’s Anyone Can Fall in Love, known to you and I as the Eastender’s theme. Bainbridge’s assertion that the song has amazing lyrical depth about the transience of love –which, fairs fair, it does- doesn’t change the fact that the melody intrinsically, emphatically puts an image of Pat Butcher in your head. And after all the heady fantasy of the rest of the album, as rude awakenings go, that’s a stinker. I personally would advise skipping the track and submerging yourself in an otherwise sublime work. A great debut, well worth the wait.


Released on March 19th on Polydor/ Female Energy

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