Live Your Truth, Shred Some Gnar by NOBRO

May 13, 2022

If you’re wondering what NOBRO means, it’s quite literally no bros, the group is a female foursome who play banging punk rock. We first heard them on ‘Eat Slay Chardonnay’, one of the most infectious tunes of the year so far and an absolute instruction book for a party lifestyle.

Imagine our surprise then when we first span ‘Life Your Truth, Shred Some Gnar’ and found some gospel… but the punk returned soon after. How punk is this album? The instruments are raw, the vocals match, there’s a sense of leather jackets, sticky floors and everyone has an urgent need to jump up and down.

There’s seven songs, it’s just under twenty one minutes long, you will need to find the repeat button on your streaming service because you definitely need this on two or three times in a row. Ideally at breakfast where it’ll be like putting cocaine on your corn flakes, or when out with your group watching the grim reality of the world from a fully energetic distance.

They’re potentially controversial when it comes to song creation: “We have a very open way of writing,” they told Kerrang. “We’ve written with other writers, we’ve written as a band, and I’ve also worked with our producer [Thomas D’Arcy]. I feel like the rock community isn’t always that open-minded about the writing process, feeling like it should happen in a vacuum or come from just one person. Yes we worked with others on three songs, but it turned out to be an awesome experience – and whatever happens, we’re always involved.” We’ve met more than a few of the people NOBRO are being nice about in that, the ‘rock community’ at large, but we don’t have a problem. If anything the honesty is as refreshing as the music. But we do wonder… is this why there’s an odd sense of coyness on the bubblegum pop of Get With U?

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