Murdering Tripping Blues – “Pas Un Autre”

March 16, 2015

Review By Joe Middleton

Murdering Tripping Blues are back with a raw new album filled with undulating blues guitar, hard hitting drums and murky effervescent keyboards. ‘Pan au Autre’ is the third album from the perennially underrated Portuguese trio.

The album moves seamlessly through genres, embracing rock and roll, blues guitar, psychedelic keyboards and interesting changes of time and pacing. ‘In Heat’ starts with a rollicking blues riff, reminiscent of earlier work by the Black Keys. ‘Stumblin Blues’ has a darker, heavier feel which gives the album an interesting depth. My favourite track on the album is ‘Petrol Tainted Breath’ which starts like a classic 80s rock anthem and graduates into one of the more accessible pop songs on the album.

Each member of the band brings something special to the table. The dark, varied lyrics from Henry L. Johnson cover everything from sex to death, and a lot in between. Sticksman, Johnny Dynamite is a powerful force behind the kit, driving the band forward and showing nice variation. Mallory Left eye on the keyboards ensures that everything stays interesting and gives each track a foreboding, mysterious quality that doesn’t leave the listener.

Overall, the album is a winner. Each track feels well crafted and very much like a band that is coming into their prime.

Rating: 8/10

Favourite Tracks: In Heat, Stumblin Blues, Petrol Tainted Breath

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