The Drums Portamento

September 15, 2011

Brooklyn based indie pop band The Drums achieved great success last year with their debut self-titled album ‘The Drums’ and now they’re back just a year later with ‘Portamento’. The source material is darker this time round, singer Jonathan Pierce drawing on his troubled upbringing in a pentecostal church to pen a series of soul-searching ballads. The album cover even depicts a young Jonathan Pierce with photo shopped red eyes, (sporting the same hair cut he has now!), standing in front of a grinning older woman with a crucifix above him, if that doesn’t scream ‘troubled childhood’ I don’t know what does!

Jonathan Pierce has even said “I wrote the lyrics for the first album as if I was 10 years younger,that’s why everything’s translated from a teenage standpoint. But with this record it’s very much now.”which becomes clearly evident after listening to the 12 tracks. The album is a mature take on Pierces early life and more about him reflecting back now that he’s older.

But that’s enough about the source material let’s get to the songs. Not much has changed from the last album musically although the lyrics have become darker the songs still have a very big Smiths and The Strokes feel to them. Insanely catchy guitar riffs with simple bass lines, steady drum beats all topped off with Pierce’s, dare I say whiney vocals. ‘Book of Revelation’ and ‘Money’ stand out as my favorites so far but the entire album stands up very well. I’m not sure whether to say it’s an improvement over the last album as to me there both as good as each other, but it’s definitely a contender for album of the year. Brilliant lyrics,with riffs that will haunt your silence for months to come. I’d give the album a solid 8/10 and eagerly await the future of The Drums.

You guys have a favorite song from the album? Let us know below!

Also the band have just released a track by track guide to the album. Click here to check that out!

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