Wot Gorilla? – Kebnekaise

July 24, 2012

After a series of EP’s Wot Gorilla? are releasing their debut album titled Kebnekaise. As we listened to this album we felt as though we were on a bit of a rollercoaster ride! Each song on the album appeared to take us on a journey of complex song structures and unusual time signatures, which had us racking our brains trying to work them out.

With the bands decision to take a more powerful approach to their songwriting in comparison to previous EP’s Wot Gorilla? and New Arrival, it is clear they have been very ambitious when it comes to experimentation with musical styles.

Tracks such as 655 and Holy B’Jesus show how Wot Gorilla? adopted some more conventional moments of solid rock pop. Kebnekaise then transitioned into the trackSpanning Time which had a relaxed prog-rock feel, moving through to Snow White which ended with Heavy Metal style screaming vocals which were unexpected but kind of worked! It was their fusion of genres which made this album so intriguing. A constantly moving exploration of time signatures characterised by unusual mathematic style drum patterns and guitar melodies. The vocals were maybe a little too American teen rock-pop for us – but nevertheless suited the band and were strong in their own right.

If you like math-rock with tendencies towards progressive pop and rock then Wot Gorilla? will definitely tickle your taste buds!

Kebnekaise is due for release 27th August 2012 but you can check out their video for Snow White already so here you go!

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