Autistics against the term Asperger’s By Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

November 2, 2023

You may notice that people are now solely diagnosed with autism in the UK, getting diagnosed with Asperger’s isn’t done and it’s no longer a diagnosis. Lots don’t know why this is and don’t understand why it’s a term that should be eradicated. From recent tweets I’ve seen, the people who got diagnosed with it, refuse to accept it and refer to themselves as autistic.

Hans Asperger, first designated children with distinct personalities and characteristics as “autistic psychopaths” in 1938. Because he was the first person to do a study on them, therefore Asperger’s came about.

Year later, it was revealed that Hans Asperger was a Nazi and Nazi sympathiser. He actively sent kids who were autistic to be euthanised. They were part of a program. His part played into the Nazi’s goal of having a “pure society” autistics were seen as a “burden” and “not worthy of life.” At least 800 kids, many with disabilities were killed using lethal drugs. Their deaths were however recorded as pneumonia. Hans did all this in return for career opportunities. This is believed to have directly lead to the Holocaust. The only kids who were spared were the ones who were deemed smart enough with a high IQ, anyone else was killed as they were “genetically inferior” because they lacked the social skills to be desirable.

Studies into him and his archives show that he was actively guilty in assisting the Nazi’s with eugenics and euthanasia policies. The extent of his involvement is still to date not uncovered.

Despite all this history, some countries still insist on diagnosing with the condition to the dismay of those who are diagnosed. Many diagnosed with the condition requesting to be diagnosed autistic instead.

Why should we use the name of someone after all that they did? That’s like rewarding him with an achievement. Anyone who uses the terms is basically dismissing its history. Like why would you want to be on the side of Nazi’s?

Every time I hear people say the term, I’m mind blown, I’m like “How can they use that term?” Then, it dawned on me that most people have no idea about the history of the term. That’s why I wrote this, to raise awareness. I know that if we don’t know about the past, we’re bound to repeat it.

Sadly, eugenics against autistics are still happening today. There’s some “charities” that hide behind a good front saying they “help autistics” when in reality, all the money goes towards cures and they have a history of “hating.” There’s no cure for neurotypes which autism is, you can’t change the brains structure. It’s about time people accept that being different isn’t a bad thing, it should be embraced.

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