By MediaMonkey

June 1, 2024

There’s a reason I don’t go to many concerts and my most recent one proved exactly the reason why. So I went to Fletcher. I was so excited as it was my first proper concert in quite a while. Yes, I did see Charles Esten a few weeks before but to me, that was more of an acoustic session. A big difference in energy and crowds.

Anyway, I get access for my FND, access includes many disabilities and health conditions. Okay, yeah, we get in through a different door which is a total bonus as it avoids the massive crowds. You don’t get through a different door getting out which meant everyone was being shoved around.

My biggest issue is, all the seating was on one level and if you’re like me, who can barely stand for an amount of time, you’d have to sit down. The entire concert I could barely see a thing due to where they put the access seats. Everyone else in front and around could stand up meaning at least 3/4 of the event, all I saw was someone’s back and then their beer glass being held up, limited times I could see through the gaps but that’s still not okay.

Why, why, why? Is accessibility so far back meaning the disabled can’t get to enjoy their concerts the same way everyone able bodied can? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a section at the front for those who can’t stand at all? Meaning they won’t get their views blocked the entire time? The way the set up was just emphasises who little we’re thought of in the organisation of this type of thing. I honestly wanted to cry that night as I was so disappointed with the way things had gone.

I was lucky that people in the row left at one point meaning both me and my friend could move to actually see something but it still wasn’t perfect as we mostly got blocked again when certain songs came on.

I know some may think, why didn’t you watch on the screen? There was no screen at all to watch on. If you couldn’t see the stage, you couldn’t see the show. I really want to express this to the venue as it’s so disappointing. I keep seeing videos of people who actually saw what was going on and it makes it much worse.

I can’t just go and see Fletcher again as the likelihood she comes back to where I am, it will be a few years off.

I recently saw a Tik Tok from a disabled Swiftie who bought “accessible seating” only to be told it was up loads of steps which she couldn’t get up. She had to sell her tickets for her dream concert and was crying about unfair the whole process is. Venues need to do better!!!

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