Don’t trust what you read, always verify! By Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

January 22, 2024

It’s been absolute week of it. Chaos. Not once, but twice, it’s like some places are going for a home run in being controversial and spreading misinformation through clickbait or using minorities as a joke to get attention to their dying brand.

People have asked me for years, why not go to work for one of these big brands? Why are you staying as an independent?
The truth is, I don’t want to be the next person used to basically tick boxes and try to make someone else look like something they’re not. I want to be in control of the messages I send to the world and make sure that what I portray to others is exactly what it should be, accurate. I don’t want to contribute to the world, something that I don’t think is right or believe in. I have morals and I wouldn’t want to compromise them to be popular. I won’t sell my soul for someone else but I will sell my soul for me.

If you’re wondering why I’m being unspecific, it’s because I don’t want drama. Let’s just say, a big news outlet decided to post huge misinformation about a neurodiverse condition, in a time where all that seems to be going around is misinformation. They were saying that energy drinks are the reason for the rise of ADHD and they referred to a study. Said study, mentioned nothing about ADHD and energy drinks, the article itself was actually so crazy, they called it a mental illness, which it isn’t. So yeah, how accurate could it be after that. As for the aspect of “energy drinks are causing depression on kids.” Someone tell me how kids are getting energy drinks when me, a 24 year old gets ID’d straight away in every place that sells them?

Anyway, the main point is that, the reason kids are depressed is because of the world we’re living in, there’s not much to be happy about. We’re surrounded by conflict, hatred, poverty and more, how can anyone be happy when seeing destruction everywhere? In school for example, nobody has time to support your needs, you’re expected to crack on even at your worst, that right there starts a downward spiral. But blame anything else instead of admitting the truth which most people actually do know, they’re throwing out whatever distraction techniques possible.

Welcome to 2024, we once again turn the clocks back, forget history and continue in a rapid cycle of BS.

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