By MediaMonkey

June 21, 2023

Take a look at your followers, how many do you have? Do you have 100’s, 1000’s or more? Well, here’s the secret that most people don’t know. On average, accounts will only ever hit 1-2% of their followers per post. Anything above that is an achievement, especially if you have a big account.

Look carefully at your followers, how many of them are active? How many are bots? How many are fake accounts? The more accounts you have along them lines, the likelihood is it will send your posts to the wrong people. If you’re not hitting at least 1%, it’s time to sort your account out. It’s time to declutter.

What to look for:
• Blank profiles.
• Newly joined.
• No followers but a high following.
• Accounts that don’t look right.
• Bot accounts.
• Cam accounts.
• Bitcoin/Investor accounts.

There’s a lot of this on the platform, which is a shame. For me, I check every incoming follower before letting them stay on my list. Every so often, I check who looks at my content and engages. If they’ve never engaged and I don’t recognise their name, get rid. If I left every follower on my account, I’d be in the 10K’s by now but I’m just under 500 for the 4th time.

Before people come and say, “followers and likes aren’t everything” you’re preaching to the choir. This is just a suggestion that could help creatives exceed expectations. Creatives want their work to be seen by many people as it can further opportunities. In the past, people used to brag about how many followers they have, when seeing people do that now, there’s nothing to brag about if you’re only hitting 50 people out of nearly 4000. That is bad. Real bad. That’s not influencing at all. With a little reshuffling, you could be hitting 400 people.

In simple terms, lose followers to gain more of a loyal audience. It works wonders.

On another note: If you’ve had enough of all the unsolicited DM’s, spam comments and want to have a securer account but don’t want to put your account on private, here’s the way to do it.

Go to settings.
Scroll to the tab “How others can interact with you.”
Messages, click don’t receive for followers and the same for others on insta.
Groups, only people you follow.
Story replies, only allow from people you follow.
Activity status, turn off.
Tags, people you follow, allow from people you follow.
Finally, comments, allow from people you follow.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will let you enjoy a more peaceful life.

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