Representation Needs To Be Better by Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

September 26, 2023

Have you ever felt excluded? Misrepresented or made to feel inferior because of who you are? If the answer is no, then this article isn’t for you at all.

Calling all my peeps who get called “woke” or a “snowflake” for asking for better, this is for you.

When people say to me “there’s already autistic representation out there, you should be happy.” What? I should be happy that part of me is constantly misrepresented to the point it affects my real life. “You don’t look autistic, you’re not like the ones I’ve seen.” Yes, because I’m female and nothing like any ever portrayed on TV. They’re all mostly men and the clearly neurotypical writer picked every stereotype there is to make it so obvious to the people they claim are too stupid to know better. Well, sorry, I know better and you’re doing it wrong.

The same goes for ADHD, Waterloo Road, I’m talking to you. Okay, you get the very basic right but when it comes to diagnosis, absolutely inaccurate. There is no diagnosis in a few months, well unless they’re paying 1000’s for it which in this case isn’t true. It’s 7 years for some. Also, there’s no ECHP involved and there’s no diagnosing in schools, it happens in a clinical setting. CBT for ADHD, that in itself is embarrassing, medication is the first step. This isn’t the first time they got things wrong, let’s bring it back to 2007, Karla, the amount of ableism was just disgusting. “Fruit loop.” Everyone treating her like she was a monster but wouldn’t give any accommodations at all. It was also quite the stereotype too, not every autistic and yes I’m saying autistic because nobody uses “Asperger’s” anymore unless you stand with the fact Hans Asperger sent auti’s to be tested on and murdered by Nazi’s. Back to what I was saying, not every autistic takes things literally even if they do, not as literally as was written, they threw out the violence card too. I’m pretty sure it was dropped in that she was being doped up with what I assume is benzo’s for meltdowns. That in itself is lethal, I’m guessing writers copied bits coz in the most recently Kelly-Jo gets doped up on them too. That’s completely dangerous, benzo’s are addictive and are one of the hardest to withdraw from.

Before someone says, that is representation, it’s not the right kind at all and spreads misinformation. When you want to represent someone’s every day to supposedly create awareness and acceptance, you have to do actual research not a few google searches and hope nobody picks up on your bad mistakes. The neurodiverse community will gladly be of hand if you want information on life experiences.

We just want to feel included in the right way without being made to feel we are completely different. Different is portrayed as a bad thing when in reality, it should be embraced.

One thing that’s so funny though, is that all these people calling my generation woke for wanting better will kick off if they’re not represented right or at all but when we do it, we’re snowflakes. Pot calling the kettle. That makes you a hypocrite.

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