The 80s Owes Its Ongoing Influence To Music by Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

July 27, 2022

Spoiler warning for Stranger Things

Wherever you look, whether it be social media, TV or while out shopping. You may recognise what you see because the 80’s are back again. Kate Bush being at number 1 in the charts is something even Kate couldn’t predict and it’s all thanks to Netflix’s, Stranger Things, which is their most popular TV series to date. There’s a huge culture revival. There used to be a theory that got debunked saying that “the media can influence what we do” however, it is clearly still very relevant considering the amount of people with a mullet or wearing shoulder pads.

Over the last decade there’s been a cry for nostalgia in the world but why are the 80’s such a prominent decade for many generations? Even those who weren’t born then, have something to admire about the decade.

Some of it is down to the courageous fashion but mostly it is the music. There’s something timeless about those lyrics that stay with generations. Hence why lots of the songs have been sampled or re-released. The 80’s was truly a decade that represented freedom to many and that paved the way for the future. They were and are relatable. There’s a passion not just from the artists who created the music, but from fans who continue to make them the “greats of history.”

There’s an unknown aura of power in Running up that hill, it’s indescribable, that’s the reason it’s a popular hit and set a new world record. The song was chosen for Stranger Thing’s character Max because she wishes she could trade places to be with her brother who died again. That itself is a statement that people can relate to. The lyrics relate to a struggle that isn’t exclusive to one generation but to everyone.

Hopefully, when it comes to the future, this influence will continue on and inspire.

This is definitely a 9/10 because you’re now surrounded by the phenomenon. Check out Stranger Things on Netflix if you haven’t already and reminisce. Plus, listen to Kate Bush, you’ll not regret it.

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  1. Lee McShane

    This is amazing and so true. That song goes so well with Max’s arc in that season


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