The failings of the media industry by Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

February 21, 2023

Has anyone else noticed that TV and films seems to be filled with the same things over and over again? Reboots and revivals being announced? Or unnecessary sequels to movies that weren’t great in the first place? Where is the originality?

The media industry is an exclusive clan, once you’re in, you’ll likely never be out again. It’s all about contacts, who you know or who you’re related to. That’s how to succeed but this “success” seems to made off the back of someone else’s originality.

Almost everything released is missing a huge part of what the originals special: character development! These days, it’s rare for something to grab attention. We’re surrounded by the same old stories that end the same way. This relates back to the people who dominate the industry. The creators with the original stories and characters, tend to be ignored in favour for the same thing despite it being overused and boring.

People ask, how do you break into the industry? The only way is contacts. Unless, you’re smart enough to create an industry for yourself. There’s a lot of smack talk about low budget films and TV shows but the people behind these are usually the ones who have worked much harder to get their name out into the world, they didn’t just stumble into it. They worked to build themselves up from the bottom without help essentially using self taught skills. That deserves to be appreciated. It’s time to support the independents, they are the future.

Another thing, actors seem to only get the credit for productions made. The reality is that without the creators and the production teams, there wouldn’t even be actors to love or any sort of media. It takes years of dedication to expand skills to the point you can make a product. The realities seem to go a miss in the audience’s minds, when they demand that products should be made faster.

If you want something of quality, then your waiting will pay off. If you want quantity and sloppy work, keep demanding. Quantity is the current demand from all angles and that’s what is leading to the demise of media products that had so much potential in the beginning. It’s a real shame.

When you see shows that get canceled, there’s lots of reasons behind it, the main one being money but the second being, it didn’t live up to the outdated expectations of viewing.

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