The Odyssey of the Russian Village Boys

By MediaMonkey

May 9, 2022

Let me introduce you to the Russian Village Boys. They are genuinely Russian, and they play a mixture of hard bass and pop gabba which, let’s be realistic, has a niche audience. I love it, and so do people across Europe, especially the Netherlands: with their comic cliché of Russian gopniks, but some killer tunes, they made a name and fanbase for themselves. They probably don’t come from a village, but along with DJ Larissa they expanded into the Village Gang.

It was all great. Then something happened.

Russia invaded Ukraine.

It is the worst possible time in the lives of the Russian Village Boys to be called Russian anything, to hail from Russia, and to have a fan and tour base to the west of Russia. They faced a complete collapse of their careers. We always knew the Village Gang are decent people – who don’t believe in invading countries and murdering civilians – so they have embarked on an odyssey.

With as much as they can carry, they have left Russia, and set up home in Europe. Intending to play as many gigs as possible across the continent, performing more streams online and releasing special merch, they are trying to put together a new life and career in the best way they can.

Their answer, to what the fuck do humane Russian bands do now, is necessarily extreme and not for everyone: but they’ve left, and we can only hope they find a welcoming home in the west.

As they posted “Hey guys! We left Russia and we can talk about war. This war is a terrible tragedy for Ukrainians and for many Russian people, who do not support it. We are people of art and have never associated ourselves with politics, but now is the time when it doesn’t matter. This war is a business of every single person on our planet. We are going to make our planned shows and donate money from fees to the project, created for supporting the refugees from Ukraine. “

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