Tropes are killing films! By Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

June 27, 2024

It seems like every movie lately has the most dumb characters ever making the dumbest decisions to ever exist like they have no logic in their brain at all. It’s completely intolerable to watch. I start a new movie called “The Abyss” about a sinking town. “Oh look that land is dangerous, it has a big crater, let’s go near it” as if something bad wouldn’t happen at all. You’ve got one character who is standing in front of a car then lying in front of it asking to be hit. I’m like what is going on. I thought these cliches only happened in horror movies, turns out they’re spreading it over genres.

I feel like they’re completely unrealistic, just because one is a teenager doesn’t make them incapable of common sense. They then stereotypically die, in the predictable way and you’re like, meant to feel sorry for them or something. They clearly had it coming. I feel predictability and overused tropes are killing almost every genre. Nothing new is happening.

One thing I’ve always done as a writer is never plan what’s coming next, to let whatever flows each time go onto the next page leaving even me second guessing what will happen, that is how you get an audience to stay interested without dumbing it down. Stop making it boring.

The ending to this movie, I can bet, that’s if I get to the end, it will be the happy ending where life returns to a fake utopia where nothing happened or some turn where, the beginning never happened at all.

It’s disappointing to see the lack of creativity. It’s the same things over and over. There is a world to be explored but we’re stuck with the same. When will it end?

Can someone please create something where the audience has no clue what’s coming, without using every trope in the book? I actually beg. I know people are taught to follow a certain media narrative but it’s about time that out of date guide, is thrown away. Join the worlds your oyster and creativity has no boundaries narrative, if people don’t want that, you say “screw them!” Make it yourself.

Look around at you and your friends and family, they won’t be following a media narrative, get inspired. Everyone has a story to tell so why don’t you tell it instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you.

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