We’re Starting To Use ‘Our Voice’

By MediaMonkey

April 19, 2022

We don’t know how many of you read sports journalism, but if you follow any on social media you’ll have seen the same sort of comment pop up: sports journo takes a break from tweeting entertainment stuff and covers something deeply worrying to them and their country, like a Trump incited attempt to overthrow the Senate. Immediately a dozen people leap up and say ‘stick to sports’. Stick to sports, like a. we wish to live in our lovely little bubble untroubled by anything else beyond men getting head trauma for our fun, and b. like sports isn’t all about something bigger anyway. Mohammad Ali, Colin Kaepernick, Caster Semenya… all led to a wider world.

So we’re not saying we’re Mohammad Ali, but entertainment media has always more obviously been about more than just talking music and movies. Do you think Dylan just wanted to limit thought to his music? Or Rage Against The Machine? Then look at the media surrounding entertainment: Rolling Stone has never just stuck to the music, it’s always had a view and comment on the wider world. Pitchfork too.

If anything, the last five to ten years have made using your voice even more important, but we’ve been fooled into thinking using your voice means bending to the algorithm and changing our minds to fit the service of posts. Social media profits by keeping us divided and screaming at each other, in ever shorter bursts. Thought and writing becomes simple content providing. What we at Supajam can do is use our platform to try and offer something we are proud to be our voice, but in a longer format that a simple meme post.

Here, we will be talking about the wider issues people in the media and the world face, as well as using the page to simply show you things we think are great, and we’ll do it all with a view to discuss, share, talk and understand. You’ll be seeing the Supajam Dive, where we talk about something we really don’t want you to miss, like your mate turning up with a new record to spin for you. We’ll muse on interesting things we’ve found that might make you go ‘oh wow’, we’ll explain, why, exactly, this Netflix show blew our minds. You’ll sit back with us as we ponder reasons why people troll, but in the spirit of talking and not cancelling other views. It’s okay to disagree. You will with us, and we’re okay with that. But you might find a great new band, or a new wrinkle in looking at the world, and that’s how we want to use our voice.

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