By MediaMonkey

August 23, 2023

Apparently, it has to be spelled out so others understand what is going on. Not every actor, writer or filmmaker is rich. They’re not. Some are as broke as the average person in a society that is drowning in debt. It’s been months now since WGA started striking pausing productions, not only in USA but worldwide too. Most wouldn’t think it would stretch that far but it does.

AI is trying to not only replace actors but it is trying to replace writers too. It’s funny to think about because the AI I know, doesn’t even know the Queen died. It doesn’t know knowledge unless it is told the knowledge, otherwise it is essentially useless. To test out how much it knew: “Hey, who is more replaceable, writers, actors or CEO’s?” AI responded: “It’s hard to say but I think everyone is replaceable in some way. I don’t think AI can replicate the creativity and unique perspectives that writers and actors bring to their work.” Basically, AI said replace all the CEO’s haha.
CEO’s are ironically trying to get actors and also extra to scan their faces for a one time payment to use them, as many times as they want in productions, therefore putting many, many people out of work permanently. Also, have you seen the times they’ve added extras into the background? It’s so obvious, it’s laughable and is straight up a meme.

A fact is: AI has no life experiences at all. It can’t replicate them in any way or means. Nothing will ever beat the writer pouring their hearts out for then an actor to bring it to life. It’s chef’s kiss amazing. It’s a beautiful thing to watch happen. You have to see it to believe it.

Since writers went on strike, that stopped all the productions. All of them. Many actors joined in support straight away as quote “I literally have nothing to say without them.” Did you know that without a writer, no production will ever take you seriously? You could have the best idea for the newest content, no script, nobody will even look at you until there is one.

Actors aren’t all rich. Did you know that the majority of SAG-AFTRA members can’t even afford health insurance as they don’t meet the criteria. It’s a big generalisation to think that they’re all millionaires or billionaires. Yes, there are some and quite a few of those kind actors have actually donated a big portion of their funds to help their fellow union members who are struggling.

People have stated that they should just get another job to get more money if they’re that broke. Actually, a lot can’t as they’re not contractually allowed to do so.

Think about residuals. Most actors and writers signed contracts before streaming existed for their work to then years later be sold on and on to different companies. Shows then gain more and more profit over time, it is barely distributed to the people who made it in the first place. Companies won’t give up 0.2% of their profits to the creators. That is just unacceptable. Some residuals for even the biggest shows, some don’t get a dollar per episode. Some don’t even make a few cents.
The best sign I’ve seen on the picket line about this is “the residuals are out there” by the iconic, David Duchovny, a parody take on the famous X Files quote.

Some of the biggest streaming service hits, they profited majorly off the success of others and half of the cast actually had to keep their regular jobs as they couldn’t afford to survive on the pay they go.

All they want is 0.2%. They deserve that. CEO’s don’t deserve their $72k a month. If you want to help them, binge your favourite shows, it will boost the residuals.

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