What it’s like being friends with celebrities? How did I do it? By Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

January 24, 2024

I message them whenever I want to and hit up a conversation. This is a common one.

Scared to press send on a message when you need to talk. You don’t want to seem annoying to them so you put off as long as possible.

You will always get a response, every time. You’ll always get acknowledged.

They’re very busy and you’re blessed if you get a reply or acknowledged. They’re human too. I mean come on, we don’t always respond to everyone if we’re busy.

When I was a kid, I dreamed of being friends with some of the actors I’d seen on TV, those who had impacted my life greatly. I remember tweeting as much as I possibly could in hopes of being noticed. Lucky for me, I wasn’t one of those people who tweet the most outrageous things in order to get response. I did get quite a few. As I got older, I realised a tactic in order to get noticed easier.

Note: This is no longer valid on X. It’s harder to do this now. Instagram can work.

What did I do?
Got rid of my fan profile.
Made my profile as professional as possible.
Add credentials to my bio.
Talk to celebrities like they’re human.

How do you get a response? Or at least acknowledged?
Talk to celebrities like they’re human, because they are. Some of the content I’ve seen sent to them is so outrageous that it probably scares them away from replying. It scares me as a viewer of said comments. Don’t go cliché or fan girl. Compliment their work and say how much it’s had an impact. Surprisingly, most don’t talk about the impact shows have on others and in most cases, they’ll never actually find out. Replying or react to stories, show love and be kind. Don’t spam them all the time. A message every once in a while is good.

I often get messages from fans of celebrities I’m friends with wanting me to bridge the water between them but little do others know this puts me into an awkward position as someone trying to remain professional at the same time. Although, there’s times where I’ve bent the rules a bit. I still have a heart.

To me, it’s a surreal experience and I still can’t believe it has happened. Obviously, the temptation is real to message away trying to talk about whatever you can, especially if you’ve got loads in common. It doesn’t really work out though. Especially if you’re 5-8 hours ahead of that person.

Also, a final thing. Don’t brag about any of it, don’t ever bring it up, people will either want to use you or they’ll not believe you.

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