Why independent music becoming popular thanks to TV By Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

June 5, 2023

Have you noticed it’s now rare to hear a song you know on a TV show? Mainstream artists are barely being used in comparison to decades before. It can be seen as a good thing and a bad thing but there are more pro’s than con’s.

Using popular songs comes with a hefty price tag due to their fame and overexposure, the more plays a song gets, the more expensive it becomes to use, adding to the major wealth of the already wealthy. Money is everything in the industry, why spend millions on music when you could actually use the funds on something else.

However, this could be seen as creator friendly by using the lesser known talent and giving them exposure but at the same time, it’s not because they care about the creators.

Lots of independent artists are now being used which helps them be exposed to an audience, sometimes for the first time. They’re given a new platform and if their songs loved, it means they could find a new fan base.

There’s many amazing artists who aren’t getting the recognition they deserve for their carefully crafted and relatable lyrics. You’ll probably never hear their songs on the radio which majorly sucks as they deserve more exposure.

Some examples:
Call Me Loop. I was first introduced to her from The Bold Type soundtrack and became obsessed with her song “Self Love” it was catchy and empowered messaging. Soon enough, I knew the lyrics to every single one of her songs and have introduced multiple people to her work. I recommend listening to is her collaboration with Svea “I’ll get better” it’s empowering and about dealing with mental health issues as a result of being around someone toxic. Learning to love and appreciate yourself again.

Dagny. I believe I was introduced to her the same way, through the same show but then her music was cropping up everywhere. I became obsessed and still am. There’s something special about the composure and lyrics that draw you right in. A song recommendation is, “Brightsider” it’s about never knowing what the other person is thinking and catching feels unsure if they feel the same back.

Lennon Stella. I got introduced to Lennon through Nashville. She’s so talented and writes the things we always wish we could write but in a way that’s catchy. She usually writes from personal experiences and although turbulent, inspiring. One of the song I encourage you to listen to is “Bend over backwards” it’s about having level ground and decisions with someone.

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