Why is British TV so poor? By Lola Louise

By MediaMonkey

July 28, 2023

When was the last time you turned on your TV and watched a British TV show that was good? Streaming’s not included in this one. I have no answer on when.

Look at the TV guide, nothing you fancy? That’s because there’s only a repeat of the same old, same old, usually posing as a new format. Crime dramas after crime dramas. I love crime as much as the next but the British format has been done to death. London this, Manchester this, it’s been done, move on. Do they really think that those are the only places that have stories to tell? There isn’t any variation. There’s barely any variation in genre.

American influences are sweeping the UK, but why not the TV scene? They should be taking notes. It is completely outdated for the time. It’s the same stories, told to a new audience, the difference is, they’re no longer relevant or have been done to death.

Some may be wondering “Why don’t you do something about it?” Looking at the commissioning slates for major channels, that’s all they want or will commission. They daren’t venture out into new territory as they’re scared of change or losing viewers but the reality is, they’ve lost most viewers to string because they actually cater content to various audiences instead of the same ones over and over. Everything on TV is aimed at the same demographic, but others exist. They’re so used to the old, that they forget the new.

When you think of why mainstream TV is dying? Think of the content and compare it to the likes of streaming. Netflix, Disney +, Prime, Paramount, there’s something for everyone. There’s a genre and content for everyone.

Why isn’t TV like this?
People are behind the times, they use the same faces, the same writers, the same people over and over. There’s no possibility of getting the new with the old in charge. The new can’t get in when there’s an industry built against them.

If someone new with a new idea came along, there’s nowhere that is willing to help creatives unbiasedly. You can’t submit without a production company or agent but you can’t get an agent unless you have done work and you can’t submit to a production company unless you have an agent. The odds are stacked against. For the TV landscape to change forever, they need to open their eyes and see the root cause for failure if they want to be relevant going forward.

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