Pokemon was my go to game as a kid. I used to play this religiously. I was a sucker for Diamond then moved onto platinum then heart gold. Something about this franchise is special and amazing but it’s hard to place. Maybe it’s the escapism for real life? The cute Pokemon? Or the battles?

Since TV emulates the real world a lot. Luckily games are still the true escape from reality. Nothing better than wandering through a random world/land and exploring without a care for what is really going on. It’s easy to forget when you’re enthralled in the fiction.

Recently I bought Shining Pearl which is a remastered version of Sinnoh for the Switch. The graphics upgrade, it was so crisp and you could actually see the characters in much better detail rather than little pixels. You can actually put a proper face to the name of characters and can see where you’re meant to go a lot better. I’m pretty sure it had been extended too. I don’t remember certain parts of the game and the added Pokédex.

One thing that we pokemon trainers want is a game where we can play in any and all regions, in one place. Being able to see every Pokemon from every region, that would be great. As someone who can complete Pokemon within 2 weeks, it would be so good to have a challenge that doesn’t end. Plus, now games can be updated after buying, they could easily be extended further when new ideas come by.

One thing that disappoints me is how stupid I’ve been and I’ve accidentally lost out on some of the best parts of the game by pressing the wrong button. Kicking myself over it.

I speak for a lot of people when I say, they should remaster a lot of older games for the new consoles. SNES games in particular, they were great and they actually took a lot of work to get through the levels. They weren’t as easy as today’s. You never got to save every 5 seconds like you do on the new consoles, there was a lot at stake. Sadly, most of those consoles are a rare find now or they’ve passed their battery life like mine did or they just couldn’t save data. Not being able to play those again, you don’t know what you’ve got until you haven’t.

Another thing, whatever happened to TV shows being made into games? There used to be a lot when I was growing up and them seem to cease to exist. It’s now the other way around, games becoming movies/TV shows but many get butchered in the process.

What was your favourite game?