Over-popularization of media is off putting by Lola Louise 

January 9, 2023

Do you ever want to watch a TV show or movie then annoyingly it is everywhere? Everyone’s talking about it, it’s all over social media and being forced at you from every direction till the point you can’t even tolerate seeing it?

Not everyone who watches, will watch straight away. There’s this societal norm of shoving your interests at others, this is what it is and it’s happening again.  I can’t escape it no matter where I go. I haven’t once looked up the title or spoke about it with anyone, yet it is like a plague. This time with Wednesday, never seeing The Addam’s Family it was more moral curiosity than anything else drawing me in. What is the big deal around Wednesday? She’s overhyped and nobody can say the reason why they love her so much. It’s always “I love Wednesday” why though? “I relate to her” in what way? Someone please expand on this.

Scrolling through TikTok, people have seemingly changed their whole persona to be Wednesday. It’s a weird one. If anyone irl went dressed to school like her, they’d most likely be bullied relentlessly but apparently, it’s now the trend to be a goth. Actual goths be bullied for being goth but because a character is trending and is goth, it’s now socially accepted and normal? Culturally this is backwards. It is so backwards. It takes a TV show for people to look at one another and not criticize appearance. It’s probably another phase that’s going around. Wednesday isn’t one to follow the crowd so why are the fans following the crowd? If you really want to be like her, then do it in your own way rather than being a carbon copy! Most will never do this though as they’re too scared about being judged. If you were Wednesday, you wouldn’t care what anyone else thinks of you, as long as you’re remotely happy with who you are.

Be yourself and if you don’t know how to be yourself, explore but trying to be other people doesn’t work and ultimately ends badly with a breakdown. Been there, done that. There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration but to totally copy…It doesn’t work out.

Due to the constant pushing of everything related to the show, it feels impossible to continue.

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