June 19, 2023

This show has a lot of fans, worldwide, maybe aliens, if they’re out there, they probably like it too because representation matters. We’ve been let down quite a bit. No solid ending, a cliffhanger and a completely open ending. Yes, there was meant to be more seasons, nobody needs to tell me that one. We deserve closure. We have invested many hours, years and decades into this amazing franchise only to be done dirty in the end.

For those who don’t remember…How can you not remember that ending? Here’s a recap anyway. Scully is pregnant and it’s Mulder’s…Does that mean William has a brother? Nobody knows, possibly. CSM is dead? He’s probably not. He can survive anything. William is definitely alive. Is Skinner alive? From articles and interviews, that’s likely. It can’t be left like that forever when a complete reboot is on the cards. It’s year 30 and the majority of fans just want a good ending to the story. Come on, Gillian, just one more time for us.

What could happen in a third movie?
There’s many a possibility. Time will have passed by. Scully will once again be a Mother, a proper Mother this time. Bets are on the peace and sanctity won’t last very long. Her, Mulder and the kids will probably be settled down in his cabin, in the middle of nowhere. Mulder will be looking for aliens but in secret as he promised to give it up for his own sanity and to leave the past in the past. William returns to warn of upcoming danger as human to alien DNA experiment is happening, people have been profiled and abducted. Only Mulder and Scully, can stop them but they are hesitant about going back to the past. The movie would answer all the plot holes, fan theories and close the x files for good. This was a basic idea. Anything could happen.

Why is there a reboot being made?
We don’t know. We really don’t. Nobody can seem to answer why. A spin off would be a better idea. There’s many ideas of what could be done. Spin off’s tend to work and sometimes succeed more than the OG. If you think about it, there’s plenty of places where there’s x files making the ideas never ending.

What would people prefer?
There’s a heated debate on this issue. Would people want one more season or a movie? Most lean towards a movie as it wouldn’t drag anything else out. At the same time, a new season would mean we spend more time with out favourite characters.

What are your thoughts? What do you want to see happen?

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