Chucky S3 By Lola Louise

October 26, 2023

How amazing were the first two seasons? Better than the movies put together. Then again, there’s more flexibility with TV than there is with movies.

I’ve lost count of how many Chucky’s there were. There was definitely quite a few possessed ones flying about. The most prevalent this time has made it into the most high secured home in the USA, The White House.

This season didn’t start out great. The first episode was quite weak and disappointing. Usually the deaths are supposed to add something to the narrative but it really failed to do that. It failed at setting up the season. It felt like whoever wrote the episode missed the point entirely. Starting the season with a bang keeps the audience wanting more. This time it was…wishy washy. We barely learnt a thing about new characters introduced, there was no development enough to care if they would die. Also, really, Devon Sawa playing yet another character and we’re expected to ignore that fact. The characters pretending there’s no resemblance to the previous characters he played. Wasn’t sure whether it was worth coming back. I’m in it for Glen/Glenda at this point. They were amazing last season.

Episode 2 was much better. Better deaths. Chucky is back. In my opinion, this would have made a better opening episode. I’m not a fan of the president’s older son, he seems very dodgy like he’s up to something and will bring Lexi into it. Lexi deserves better, they basically made her into a guy’s fantasy’s and whored her out. There would be better ways to get someone’s attention than a dance. The second attempt being emotional worked and that should have been the first. Jake and Devon this season have been quite boring. They’ve took such a backseat. It’s like they’re unnecessary to the story.

Episode 3. Chucky is now on his last legs and in his last vessel as we found out from the latest episode. He has tried voodoo and more to get himself into a new body. It has failed miserably. I like the bond he has with Caroline even though he’s teaching her to be a killer, it’s weird to see that he genuinely cares about her. I don’t think he’s ever cared about anyone that way.
We saw the Amityville house, which looked like the real house, either way it was an amazing way of merging stories. Credit to who did that. It gave an excited feeling. The way we were tricked into thinking Andy was dead, that had me on the edge of my seat. It was completely unpredictable. Jennifer Tilly swearing she’s Tiffany and losing it in court was so funny. The way Nica and Lexi called her out. It was savage. Nica getting her revenge has been something worth waiting for. Although, I think she could still be possessed. A vibe she gave off seemed too Chucky like.

There are rumours that there’s only going to be 4 episodes released due to filming schedules being paused for strikes. I hope it is just rumours and that we’re not left hanging mid season for who knows how long. Personally, if this is the case, it would have been better they left it all till complete.

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