Dynasty Reboot: Review by Lola Louise

February 24, 2023

As a big fan of the original Dynasty, the reboot started with such promise. It cut out most of the unnecessary scenes from the originals pilot, which added nothing to the story and made it flashy with a modern twist but totally relevant. It was glamorous and showed off a lifestyle that one can only dream of. 3 Cristal’s and 3 Alexis’ later, the only thing this show gave was reason for its demise.

The original had 9 seasons, there was plenty of stories and characters to keep the reboot going if done correctly but by a certain point, it lost its way. It seemed to be the same arguments over and over again about the pettiest of things. You could see everything coming which sucks as a viewer. The first few seasons gave so many gasp and jaw dropping moments that kept us engaged but once those were gone, it’s like, why am I still watching this?

Once the musical episode happened, you could tell it was really losing its touch with reality. Like, what is with shows doing random musical episodes? It doesn’t add anything to the story or characters. It is cringe worthy and the second hand embarrassment is real. The random standalone Liam’s pitch episode or vintage sit-com style episode were hard to watch. It’s an insult to the original at times. These were not the way the characters were intended to be.

It got so confusing and creepy. Dominique being Blake’s half sister, her son being Jeff and technically marrying Fallon, Blake’s daughter. They’re half cousins. Then, Alexis, Blake’s first wife marrying Jeff. She’s his wife and technically his Auntie too. A bit sus! Then again, the original nearly had Fallon & Adam commit incest. Gross. I couldn’t imagine that in the reboot. Disturbing.

What happened to all the juicy content and cat fights that once were? It became so dry. Maybe if they stuck to the ways of the original and modernised some of the once normalised now controversial content, it would have succeeded more.

Things that were missed that from the original that should have been used as they could have added more dimension to the stories, been meaningful development or relevant to modern day:

*Matthew & Lindsay’s death followed by Claudia’s suicide attempt.

*The cabin fire that was set by Joseph, it nearly killed Krystle & Alexis.

*Steven fall which resulted in a coma.

*Blake raping Krystle.

*Sammy-Jo having a son.

Seasons 1-3 would be 8/10. Seasons 4 & 5 would be 6/10.

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