Fate: The Winx Saga Review by Lola Louise

September 15, 2022

This show didn’t just meet expectations, it exceeded it. Putting off viewing for a long time is a major regret as it was gripping and intense. It really made you believe in magic.

I was too young to be a fan of the original, this was the next best thing and definitely makes you want to watch the OG.

Fate follows Bloom a fairy who has just moved to Alfea. She’s just discovered herself and her powers as she’s lived a normal life until her powers started to be destructive.

On arriving at the school, she meets a lot of other fairies. Ones who know how to use their powers. Bloom, however, lacks control of that causing quite a stir by throwing fire balls around and nearly killing a few people. Luckily, she gets trained by the best at the school and manages to get in control.

All the characters in the series are pretty likeable. Some less likeable (Aisha) she just seems to be so judgemental of others as if she’s never made a mistake in her life. Hopefully she will get off her high horse in the next series otherwise that will be a bit disappointing.

Let’s face it, a lot of fans came to the series to watch Rob James-Collier. It’s no secret due to the fan culture on Tik Tok. People have said “he’s the only reason it succeeded.” Not quite so true but not unpredictable as his character Saul is just amazing despite the lack of character development. Sadly, it looks by series 2’s trailer we will be seeing less of him unless they do more flashbacks.

This series had a fan base before it even aired. Lots of people are craving that 00’s nostalgic TV that they grew up with, let’s face it, there’s nothing like it anymore. They didn’t let us down.

It’s action packed, great character development for most and stories that are loveable. Most characters are likeable. It’s aimed at teens which means there’s the usual friendship and relationship drama.

The only disappointment is that you end up binge watching the entire series in a day and have to wait an entire year for the next.

Luckily, due to delaying watching, Series 2 drops on 16th September. Sadly, most series 2’s have been a let down of recent, let’s hope that this holds up.


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