Fate: Winx Season 2 Reviewed by Lola Louise

September 26, 2022

It’s the 16th September. I woke at exactly 8AM in time for season 2’s release onto Netflix. From the original trailer, I wasn’t expecting much as it didn’t really give much insight into the continuum of last season’s cliffhanger.

But… season 2 was gripping throughout, I never moved once until it was finished. Character development was much better than season 1 and we got answers for the unanswered questions. It was fire: pun intended, as many know Bloom is a fire fairy. She finally starts to get answers about where she comes, an unexpected source who turns out to be an enemy. She can’t handle the truth and will do anything to keep going until she’s satisfied. It once again leads us to a cliffhanger, and I hoping it gets renewed.

We also get introduced to the character of Flora but they could have been handled a lot better. We didn’t get to know her well enough to be attached which is really unfortunate as she seems great.

It was nice to finally see some happiness and not destruction. Terra gets to have some happiness in her life, she was missing that in the first season using plants as her escape. Her coming out was just beautifully done and totally relatable for anyone who has been through it.

Poor Musa, one of the underrated characters. She has the hardest time this season. It’s bad enough she fights her own demons but having to take on everyone else’s? Luckily things worked out. We were rooting for happiness.

We also got to see into Sky’s childhood more and it was very sweet. Saul really raised a good kid. Aisha finally became likeable and more human like which is great. She got a story and that in itself was interesting. We wanted to see her have a significant other to care about so she wouldn’t constantly tear others down.

Stella deserved better, we finally got to see her soft side as she often puts up barriers. It’s a shame it ended the way it did though. There could have been better ways to go about it.

Saul taking back the reins is what everyone wanted to see. Fans didn’t want him to be killed off like planned and expected, he’s a great addition.

One thing that will bug people is the cast changes. Yes, it happens. Actors don’t want to commit to certain roles. It’s just disappointing and is happening more than ever. It’s a great series and actors should be lucky to be a part of its development.

10/10 for season 2. Can’t wait for the next.

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