Ginny & Georgia Review By Lola Louise

January 10, 2023

Finally, after a two year wait, this amazing and very now Netflix show is back. Season one was full of so much addictive drama, relevant issues and relatable characters.

Most people will agree that we all hated Ginny so much after the first season but we now get to see a different perspective to her life. We get to see her emotions and why she feels the way she does about her life and family. It turns out she’s just as broken as most teens. Nobody has ever taught us how to deal with our issues, we were just expected to know. Seeing how broken Ginny is and how she has self harmed since 12 to deal with the emotions are heartbreaking. She’s currently going to therapy as a way to deal and get her life back on track, after losing all of her friends. It was so petty that Max and Norah turned their backs, they were so toxic towards both Ginny & Abby. True friends are supposed to work things out, not constantly stab each other at every opportunity. It’s very true towards today’s society. You’re scared to do anything at all, in case it reflects badly. Putting your own happiness above others, shouldn’t be demonised, it is self care and self love.

Georgia on the other hand has became a lot more intolerable. We get it, you sacrificed everything for your children but that doesn’t make you the best Mom in the world. It’s like bragging rights for her at times. She’s such a passive aggressive character and can’t do anything genuinely nice unless it benefits her in a way. She’s carrying around many secrets that are going to damage a lot of people further. It’s not surprising that Ginny and Austin are having mental health issues.

Georgia actively went out of her way to keep Austin from his Dad. It’s sad to see. He’s lonely essentially and doesn’t know where his place is in the family.

You’ve got Cynthia who is trying everything to keep her life together and Georgia is stirring the pot to keep her own secrets hidden. It would be better to own to what you’ve done, rather than constantly blame those around you.

Luckily, one by one, secrets are starting to spill and it is about time. You can’t have everything you want in this life, you only get what you need. Georgia, you don’t need to be rich and powerful to be happy, it’s the things you have that you should be grateful for instead.

Austin is such a sweet and caring character, I love that he has put aside past differences to work through issues. People need to learn from children, they don’t hate naturally, they’re taught to hate others. He’s such a pure sole and deserves to have the best life possible.

This season is 8/10 so far. Only a few episodes in. Hopefully, Georgia will take some responsibility for the damage she creates, Ginny will get some sort of closure and Austin, a happy ending.

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