Grey’s season 20 By Lola Louise

March 4, 2024

The best announcement of the year so far has to be the fact that Arizona is coming back to Grey’s. We haven’t seen her since S14 and oh, things have changed majorly since then. It got messy and pretty bad. Most fans are waiting for the unanswered questions about Callie, plus they want to see how Sofia has grown up.

I think Arizona returning is what we actually saved the show. She’s an all around ball of sunshine character that is in a world of darkness. She brightens up the room she’s in. Although, you might want to discount S9 her, she was so toxic then. It shows the character development though. She’s went full circle and that’s an important thing to do.

She was the first openly lesbian character on the show and was important for queers everywhere. Plus, I’m sure she was quite a few peoples awakening.

Another thing I’m looking forward to seeing is how Levi will react when Nico returns. I feel like this has conflict written all over it. Nico, like other characters in the past just casually disappeared with no explanation as far as I can remember, there’s obviously a lot to remember in this show. I get the feeling they might have a burst of love and then never talk to each other again. I’m there for that.
The only love stories I’m here for are:

Kai and Amelia = Kaimelia, I love them together so much. They are so good for Amelia. They’re the only person who has truly made her happy and fall in love. She’s fully attached to Kai and it’s the cutest thing ever. We better get some screen time. We better. Things were rocky where they were left off.

Mika and Taryn (shipping name under debate) from the moment they met, I called it, they hit it off completely and I’m actually rooting for them to be together. It’s been a long time since we had a couple to root for officially without obstacles. Their chemistry is fire. I hope Grey’s doesn’t do the dirty like so many other couples and kill one off or put somebody else in the middle. I would cry.

Meredith is returning in “sprinkles” as cast members have said. Can we have her and Nick just be happy without the fighting? We haven’t seen Meredith in a happy relationship since Derek and they weren’t happy near the end so it’s been like 10 years now. 9 for Derek this year. The whole DC scenario ruined them. Nick is just *chefs kiss* he wants her and loves her unconditionally. Meredith, let him in, he doesn’t care about your baggage, just you and your kids. That is truly a good man. Keep him, don’t throw him away like you did Riggs.

This show has me passionate. Here’s to the drama!

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