Insidious: The Red Door By Lola Louise

November 27, 2023

There’s a lot of hate for this movie and I see both sides of it. People probably expected horror like in the first 2 movies of the franchise but they didn’t really get that. Yeah, I see the disappointment. I think this movie was beautifully done if you forget the horror element for a while. It more focused on the emotional effect of the family and their missing memories. It rounded up the stories and I think makes a perfect end to a franchise. I kind of hope they end it on that note.

As someone who has missing memories, there’s nothing worse than not knowing things about your own life and trying to discover what you missed is hard. You have to dive into your subconscious and figure it out. “The past comes back to haunt you” there’s something very true about that and it’s relatable if you think about it.

The movies follows The Lambert’s but now as a separated family. The previous possessions broke apart them. They go into “The Further” to rediscover what they had lost.

Some of the movie was quite creepy and that’s what they most likely were going for. Jump scares have been done to death, they’re just used to make people think they’re scared instead of actually doing so. It was quite psychological and very different from those in the franchise. People clearly don’t like different. Some I think, they just didn’t understand why it was being done. I feel it was powerful in its own right.

Dalton is now a grown adult and in college. He’s studying art, he keeps getting dreams and visions of his past usually played out through what he’s been drawing which all piece together a story that he doesn’t know of. He just thinks these are part of his imagination. This slowly gets worse and worse as he starts to figure out what is going on. He has the help of his new friend Chris, who is so relatable and a great character, a likeable character.

Josh is in a similar position, he’s trying to change and work on himself. To find the part of him that’s missing and it crosses paths with Dalton’s journey a lot. Together they’re both unlocking the past and find a way to connect with one another again. It was about trying to create a relationship from non existence. Clearly a lot more happened than what was seen or shown but it was lovely to see.

8/10 – Loved it. Nearly didn’t watch because of all the bad reviews but I’m glad I gave it a chance.

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