Keep breathing…or don’t. Review by By Lola Louise

September 19, 2022

Netflix loves to release limited series meaning that, there’s only ever going to be one series made, therefore the story will conclude in however many episodes. (Spoilers ahead)

From the trailer, it looked great. It emitted drama, trauma and excitement. That’s what trailers are supposed to be anyway. It wasn’t what was expected and definitely not worth the hype or the hours watching.

This series follows Liv, a lawyer whose flight gets cancelled, desperately trying to get away from her life, family and friends, she badgers 2 strangers into letting her fly with them. She practically sold her soul just to go with them nearly causing a fight. All goes well until the planes engines fail and the plane falls out of the sky into a lake in the middle of nowhere. Turns out it was in Canada, locations weren’t specific. Liv ends up the only survivor and is left in the wilderness alone while hallucinating about dead people. It got really confusing in places and unnecessarily bad. It could have been prevented. She counts the days carving each day into a log and tries to find ways to survive each day. She tries to reach civilisation fighting off her own demons which we see in flashbacks. It’s hard to say how many days she was there but things don’t add up. There’s a lot that doesn’t make any sense.

In this day and age, a plane just doesn’t disappear off radar without people knowing. Air traffic control and pretty much anyone with a flight radar would be able to see the plane was gone. Given how many days went by, wouldn’t the airport the plane was supposed to arrive at be suspicious that it didn’t arrive?

Also, it turned out to be a public lake where people go fishing? How was she only found so many days in? How did she not see anyone? Nobody went into this public place in what? 7 days? It’s very unbelievable.

The conclusion was a mess. Is Liv going to be alright? Is her baby alive? Does she get to where she wanted to be? One will never know unless they decide like they’ve done with other “limited series” to make another.

This series is like Lost 2.0 and fans know exactly why. Was gripping in places but could have been a lot better. Quality over quantity every time.


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