May 2, 2023

Private Eyes was a Canadian, crime comedy drama set in Toronto. It followed former hockey player turned PI, Matt Shade “That’s a PI name, if I ever heard it” and Angie Everett, as they investigate all different crimes which sometimes got them into a lot of trouble and made enemies with the Police.

One thing this show has which most no longer do was amazing character development and chemistry. The banter and savage insults were so funny and intense at the same time that it made the show completely addictive, making the audience obsessed. Shade and Angie were the best duo on modern TV, they gave us the whole “Will they or won’t they” for those 5 years. The answer is…No spoilers. Watch for yourself.

The show went on for 5 seasons. Just before the premiere of Season 5, they announced that it would be the last season. From a fans perspective, I assumed that this was the plan all along and that the show would be wrapped, fans would be satisfied with the ending but this was far from the truth. The lovely Cindy Sampson who played Angie for those 5 seasons was interviewed on The Double L Show.

When asked about the casting process:

“Well. I think it was long and difficult but I wasn’t really part of it because they didn’t see me or anything but I know that they looked for a very long time for Angie. And, I actually helped one of my friend read for the part. And, when we’re talking about the banter I was like, “Oh I just got it, I got her humour” right away. “Oh I know what I would do with it.” And I think it was then like 2 month later, I actually got to audition, I got to put myself on tape. Like, I didn’t even go in the room and then I got a chemistry test. And the next thing I know, I’m like in a room with Jason Priestley.”

Talking about the end:

“I just remember Jason and I, laughing. We just laughed. I was just myself, went in there and laughed, I don’t even know what about. And then we just ended up laughing for another 5 years together. So, I think, it worked out well… If you want to know really, like realistically the one that was the most difficult, was the last scene because we went to work that day and they wrote a new scene, they gave it to us and I knew that it was the end of our show. I swear I knew, I was never late for work in 5 years and I’m always early, I never cried at work in 5 years, not once but that day, I read the scene and I saw what Shade and Angie were saying to each other in the last scene and I just bawled my eyes out. I couldn’t stop crying. I was like in the parking lot, crying. And the producers trying to calm me down but I was like “this is it, our shows over.” She emphasized about being told the show wasn’t over.  I swear to god, Jason and I were crying. Like in the scene we had to stop and compose ourselves… There’s no pay off at the end of it. Like why! I had this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that our show was done and this was it.”

“We didn’t know it was happening. We were like shocked.”

You can catch the full interview on Youtube: The Double L Show – Cindy Sampson!!! On Private Eyes & Supernatural!!!

A show that could have been much more than the 5 seasons. It had lots of potential. Stories weren’t entirely wrapped up. The ending was open. Who knows what the future holds for the show.

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