Private Practice, the underrated Grey’s spin off! By Lola Louise

July 26, 2023

Most people have seen Grey’s Anatomy or at least some of it. Not all of us can handle 19 going on 20 seasons, it is a lot. Station 19 isn’t the only spin off of the show like many think.

Private Practice came first. When Addison left the show, the first time in Season 3, we saw her set off to see her friends in LA. Do you remember the episodes “The other side of life?” You should as that plays a big part in the reason why Addison packed herself off and joined Oceanside Wellness… Also, the fact she kissed Pete and liked it, sorry not sorry.

This amazing quirky spin off doesn’t just follow Addison and her tendency to date many, many men, it’s about the friends and potential enemies around her. Each gets their own important stories to tell. It is one of a kind and still after 10 years off air, it is completely relevant and not to mention, there’s nothing like it. Nobody can replicate this beautiful concept of business, friendship, stories and relationships the way this did. It dealt with some issues that were never talked about which was a first for many. Many of these issues are coming up now even years later and the representation is done so considerately, it takes into account how the audience feels. It doesn’t just go with one perspective but multiple. Sometimes it can create tension between characters, that is as real as it gets to life. Nobody agrees on every subject.

Although at times this show can be emotional, it equally balances that with humour which is important. One scene that comes to mind is when a certain character dies and despite it being absolutely unexpected, the more unexpected thing is when some of the character get high together in a bathroom. It goes down as a memorable scene.

One important storyline which majorly impacts Grey’s that many don’t know about is Amelia’s drug addiction and the loss of her child. The audience commenting about hating her character, clearly haven’t seen this show, they’re missing a huge part of Amelia’s character development by not watching. They tend to just hate her for what she does without knowing why she does what she does. There’s a lot of tragedy involved and emotional scenes that tear you apart completely.

This show is on Disney + in the UK for those wanting to watch. Personally, I recommend watching the two episodes of Grey’s named “The other side of life” before doing so. Enjoy it.

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