‘Results’ – Bujalski’s subtle comedy works its charm

May 28, 2015


Director: Andrew Bujalski

Duration: 105 minutes (US)

Dashes of British humour and a restless jazzy score reminiscent of Inarritu’s Keaton vehicle, Birdman (2014), promulgates Bujalski’s enjoyable Results.

Andrew Bujalski, a man no stranger to crafting esoteric features, directs Guy Pearce as Trevor, a gym owner driven by ambition. Looking to expand his company, he oversees a small band of trusted employees, including the feisty and eccentric Kat (Cobie Smulders). Danny (Kevin Corrigan), a rich, out of shape but well-off man in his early 40s, approaches Trevor for assistance: he wants to be able to take a punch. He pays for his lessons up front. He asks for home visits from Kat. Trevor is wary, but Kat proceeds. An incident happens. Everyone’s lives are thrown upside down.

Joe Swanberg’s Drinking Buddies (2013) has a similitude with this mumblecore-y work. The biggest punches that Danny’s taken in life are emotional. His frustrations summon his most apathetic leanings, bringing him to state, “I don’t want to be a rage-aholic muscle man anyway. You guys can keep it. I’m gonna stick with pudgy and mellow”. But all of these lives are in a mess. They’re at a crossroads, trying to make sense of everything. Do they pick up the strands that they’ve left behind? Or do they cut them and start anew? The future is a big place and the comfort of the familiar is hard to surrender.

This is a delicately nuanced comedy. It wears its British influences lightly, and the trope of the tragic central lead is exemplified by the Corrigan’s enervated, lugubrious performance; Danny’s a figure lost and lonely, broken yet hungry.

This might not be an outstanding feature; too much whimsy will no doubt frustrate some audiences, but it is funny. Results might play in a minor key, but pleasantly surprises come the close by being an unexpected and memorable charmer.

Results is in cinemas and available On Demand from 29th May 2015.

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