SCREAM 3, IT ISN’T BAD! By Lola Louise

January 4, 2024

This is a hot take and I know it will get a lot of hate, just like the movie did and still does to date. The originally scream trilogy or should I say quadrilogy, was to me the start of “meta” horror. It was exciting, relatable and fun to watch. The character were 3D and they were more human than what you get to see these days in horror movies. You’re usually rooting for someone to die as nobody is very likeable now.

Anyway, Scream 3, the hated one. Little do people realise the genius this film actually is. If you take aside the main story, this film is a great example of what happens on a set, it gives you an eye opening experience of the chaos and drama that goes on behind the scenes of productions. The struggles of trying to make it as an actor and filmmaker in an oversaturated market. People are fighting for competition. It introduces you into the roles on set and what people do, most don’t have a clue the work that goes in and the variety of roles that help a film or TV show succeed. This is super relatable and given a lot of indie filmmakers love horror, this is the perfect place to instill the reality. I mean look at the great set design, that is pure talent.

The story itself wasn’t predictable at all making it hard to guess what was going to happen. You wouldn’t think another ghost face would be lurking around, especially in Hollywood but the plot thickens. Who could have actually guessed that Roman was Sidney’s half brother. I’m gonna say, no-one. Roman didn’t essentially have a story and was on the outside, he wasn’t the focus therefore making him the perfect killer. Apparently, Scott Foley had no idea Roman was the killer until near the time of shooting the last scenes. Nothing better than surprising your actors too.

Onto the cast, how can you not love Neve, Courtney and David, our survivors from the first two movies. I loved the added dynamic and taking them out of their comfort zone into a new environment usually doesn’t work but in this case, they were completely flexible.

Gale and Dewey getting engaged was the icing on the cake after the amount of teasing we had about their relationship in the first two movies. It was done in a beautiful way. It’s rare for a horror movie to have such a happy ending. Although their romance was later revealed to be short, they still cared for each other and were couple goals.

Bringing Patrick Dempsey onto the cast was one of the best ideas. He’s an all around great actor and his character Mark was super likeable. He had great chemistry with Sidney so I’m glad it was later confirmed that they got married. It’s rare to bring characters in so late and for them to be likeable.

The dialogue in the script brought in the parody element, making so many lines funny. It was excited well, a complement to the cast.

This movie is actually better than number 2 in my opinion. It was more engaging. The characters were better and far less annoying. 8/10.

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