Sex Education By Lola Louise

March 21, 2023

I have watched this show multiple times, but I first heard of the it was in 2018 when Gillian Anderson announced she had been cast. Being a fan of her, I jumped on board straight away, the day it was released.

This show is the most accurate depiction of the school experience in the UK, despite its retro Americanised theme. It’s relevant and represents today’s issues in the best way. There are emotional, empowering stories and topped with relatable developed characters who you are automatically drawn too. There’s always a character you can relate to which is how every show should be.

This show isn’t just about sex, it’s about friendship, life struggles and family. It may be very cringe worthy at times but it doesn’t shy away from portrayal of real issues. One of the most important scenes in the show has to be the girl power of helping one another, despite having differences, the girls come together to help the character of Aimee get on the bus after her sexual assault. That is how life should be. Women should be building each other up, instead of tearing each other down. We all deserve to have women like that in our lives. People tend to assume feminism is only about equality, when in reality it’s about building up women.

Each character gets their stories developed along the way and nobody is predictable. You can never see what is coming from the start. You can try to predict but end up wrong.

Season 4 is just around the corner. However, rumours are in circulation that it might be the last season due to significant cast departures, the latest being Ncuti Gatwa. Nobody expected him to stay after being given the role of a lifetime.

From the leaked photos that have surfaced on social media accounts, here’s some things we can expect when the next season drops:

A photo leaked showed a funeral scene with many of the main characters there. Let’s hope that it wasn’t real and we’re not losing an amazing character. That photo soon disappeared after being leaked, meaning it could be real. Fans bets now are on Jean or Eric.

Ruby and Otis are looking to be endgame unless Maeve swoops back in from America at some point.

New characters being introduced to the story, specifically trans characters after a casting call was put out last year.

Lots to look forward too. Hopefully, this season will be dropped soon enough before rumours spiral about the show ending.

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