SVU fans have been done dirty! By Lola Louise

February 27, 2024

SVU is now in its 25th season and year. Crazy to think about really. It’s still absolutely amazing too. When I was on Netflix two weeks ago, it was announced that seasons were to come on February 15th. It didn’t say what seasons but originally it was dated 1999 so you’d assume it would be the beginning seasons. They actually did fans so dirty. There are barely any places you can watch this show in the UK. If you watch one episode, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to access the next anywhere if you miss it, that’s why I thought it was such a relief to have what I thought was going to be reasonable access. Oh how angry.

I wasn’t expecting the entire seasons like 1-24. Some at least would be good. Preferably from the beginning. Nope. Seasons 5 – 11 but one season is missing. Like Netflix, that’s pathetic for real. You could have done better than that. It’s currently 8 in the charts but it would have been performing much higher if it was actually from the beginning. You’re missing important parts in the whole Bensler story which is sacrilege if you ask genuine fans. Why would you want to start a TV show 5 years in. Likely with SVU, sometimes the previous seasons cliffhanger can be continued but if you don’t have that previous part, you’re going to be left so confused.

What are you meant to do when you get to the missing season? What do you do? Skip it and miss the important parts of the puzzle or do you actively want people to go to use dodgy websites? Stuff like this is the exact reason it’s happening. Why are we in the UK being deprived of such great content?

There’s something powerful about the the pre-9/11 and post, that is so different. You can clearly see the effect that it had on TV. It was like a changed world. It kind of seemed like all hell broke loose further.

You need to be there to see the first formation of bonds and how they develop over the time. Stories that impact the way a character portrays themselves. Such important content. It’s actually heartbreaking. These stories deserve light and they’re not getting it.

Why Netflix, why? Why bother getting a show if you can’t get it in the best order!

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