The Ackley Bridge Cancellation By Lola Louise

November 28, 2022

UK school based show Ackley Bridge has been cancelled, and let’s face it, anyone who has watched school dramas, especially Waterloo Road, will know how this show was basically “the pound land version.” After binge watching the entirety for a writer’s perspective. Here is the reason why it was a sinking ship:

One thing that is important when creating a story is relatability, when it comes to the audience who are watching. Creative characters that are captivating and developed but unique. This was a major failure. Series 1 lacked major character developments and focused on outdated, done to death story lines, that are frankly quite predictable. Watching, you knew exactly what was coming and when. Fair enough, some may say, ”it will getting better with time.” Unfortunately, this was definitely not the case.

Some episodes are totally unbearable, especially when they break the fourth wall and talk to the audience. Please stop, it is so cringe worthy. Like, I thought this was meant to be a drama? Not like a mockumentary. A voice over would have been so much better and then showing scenes that fit with it.

Still interested? A ranking of each series:
1) Series 3
2) Series 5
3) Series 1
4) Series 4
5) Series 2

Out of all 5 series, the only characters who had enough character development to become likeable were:


I’m not sure what they were going for when they created the series in the first place, and nor were they. Was it meant to be a comedy or drama? There can be both but not equally split. It was more of a bad comedy with the pathetic trope drama that can be seen elsewhere. Given that the show is aimed at Gen Z, why did they only look into issues with rose coloured glasses? Also, why put the show on at such a late time? That will drop viewing figures majorly, given that it was aired on a school night.

An issue which gets swept under the carpet, why when characters leave/die are they never mentioned again? They left and did everyone forget? Given that some characters were a very important part of others lives, but still never a word. It’s not realistic at all.

When watching, you can really tell that it wasn’t written by people who’d been to a school in the last 10 years. It is purely based on assumptions or other shows stories that made them successful.

Students knowing where teachers live? That is super weird. How and why would you know that? It breaks so many safeguarding laws. Someone clearly needed a better education before writing about anything relating to education.

In conclusion, watch it for yourself but don’t expect 10 star amazing. I’d give it a 6. The six is purely for the sexual assault representation in the final series as that was amazing and unforgettable. Maybe if they chose more storylines like it, it wouldn’t haven’t been canceled.

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