January 23, 2024

This show is everything those in their late teens and twenties need to set them up for the world. It’s inspiring, light hearted, funny and relatable, in a world that is completely challenging. Growing up I thought teens are the hardest part of life, I was completely wrong, the real world is a bitch. It throws anything and everything at you until you’re begging for mercy from whatever God or figure you believe in.

I originally started watching when Season 1 came out on prime. After a few seasons it disappeared despite being an “Amazon Exclusive” and it became very hard to complete the entire show when it was released. It has been added to BBC player so I thought now I’m in my 20’s, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane in hopes of changing my future.

The Bold Type is about 3 girls, Jane, Kat and Sutton, in their 20’s working at a fashion magazine trying to achieve their goals in life. They want to feel successful in a world that pulls them down constantly. It’s everything that young women need to hear, there’s not a lot of guidance and it’s sink or swim. This show portrays exactly that.

One thing I love is that every character introduced has a purpose and adds to the story as we go. Although, there are moments where you want to scream over bad decisions but that’s what your 20’s are for, making mistakes and trying to learn from them.

The most memorable episode out of 5 seasons is when the girls go to find Sutton’s birth certificate and Jane gets accidentally high on the way to the home town. It was unbelievably funny. The best scene being when they’re talking about breaking into Sutton’s childhood home and Jane is so high she’s trying to convince everyone to throw a rock through the window.

There aren’t a lot of shows like this, especially now and they’re absolutely needed. It talks mostly about the issues women face and has raised awareness for subjects like sexual assault, racism and breast cancer. There’s many twists and turns you can’t ever predict where it’s going next. I love that they were never afraid to portray real life.

Something I don’t think is as realistic about the show, not everybody is as lucky to have such great friends and a support system. When this is the case, it’s lonely and you never know where to turn. I do love that no matter what happens, what arguments take place, they always try their best to fix it. Luckily it can provide escapism and help you dream about having that support one day.

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