July 25, 2023

Where to start on this beautifully brilliant and humorous show. “In my opinion” of course, you’ll get that pun if you’ve watched and if you haven’t, watch and you will be laughing. I can guarantee it. The Good wife was released in 2009 and ran for 7 seasons. It follows lawyer, Alicia Florrick who had been away from the law for 13 years raising kids and basically being a housewife for her husband, Peter, who was State’s Attorney. There’s a lot of conflict there but it won’t be spoilt.

Alicia struggles to get back to where she was as most won’t hire her, except her old college flame, Will. He takes a chance on her. It’s always a Will they or won’t they, pun intended. There’s just nothing like it, this show never fails to make you laugh or cry. Over 7 seasons, there were challenges, ups and downs, relationships, deaths and a lot of arguments. It was powerful and still is when you look back. All but a few characters are extremely likeable. The guest stars are perfection. You have the likes of Michael J. Fox and Rita Wilson. When you see the credits, you never get disappointed. Honourable mention to Carrie Preston as Elsbeth Tascioni. She was amazing and rightly so.

When this show ended, the universe didn’t, it expanded and followed lawyer Diane Lockhart as she moved onto a new, all black law firm after a scandal ruined her retirement. Diane is flawless, she was great in TGW and The Good Fight delivered on that too. That’s one to add to your list but you have to watch TGW first otherwise you’ll be confused.

Only recently it has been announced that one year after TGF ended, another spin off is coming. Elsbeth Tascioni, a character who has reprised on both TGW & TGF, is getting her own show. No character but hers deserves this. Elsbeth is a quirky and neurodiverse lawyer who completely thinks out of the box. Her personality gives off the impression that she’s not the smartest cookie but, oh she absolutely is. Don’t distract her with cute or pretty things or she’s essentially useless. Carrie Preston does an astounding job of playing her, magnificent. There’s no representation like it out there, she captures the real life struggles of being neurodiverse in a challenging environment but also, the advantages of having a creative thinker around.

Although this hasn’t aired and is probably delayed, the trailer looks exciting. It is set in New York, rather than the franchise’s Chicago. Elsbeth will definitely fit in around there with her contagious personality. Here’s hoping a certain Kyle MacLachlan will reprise as Josh Perotti just to make things a little more complicated. You’ll know why when you’ve watched the above. Oh to good drama.

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