June 22, 2023

Warning: This article contains spoilers from major TV shows.

Unpredictable, unless you noticed that Gibbs had the very premonition of her being dead. Kate was a savvy, funny and sarcastic member of the original NCIS team. Her character was loved by many as she refused to be made to feel less than the men surrounding her. Viewers were distraught when beloved Kate, took a bullet to the head in the Season 2 finale. “I thought I’d die before I get…” Worse when it was replayed in the start of Season 3. Way to go bring back the trauma. Don Bellisario really knew how to make an exit memorable. Sasha Alexander unfortunately wasn’t happy on the show due to toxicity on set and made the decision to leave to put herself first.

Little Grey, Lexipedia. You didn’t deserve such a tragic exit. Nobody wants to remember how traumatic the plane crash was. Lexie could have had such a happy ending but she didn’t get that. She had to suffer and make us cry, even 10 years down the line, it doesn’t get any easier. Some of us can’t get over the fact, actress, Chyler Leigh said her character died happy. Like come on, how is being crushed by a plane, happy? Somebody tell me. Chyler inevitably wanted to spend more time with her family.

This one came out of the blue completely. One of the best, well established characters on the show. We all loved him, as he was so kind to those around him, especially, Alicia. We were rooting for him to have a happy ending making “Willicia” happen but it didn’t. His death left the audience sobbing uncontrollably. Some never watched it again, they were completely heartbroken. It was unforgivable but at the same time, there was no other choice. Sadly actor, Josh Charles decided his time was up and decided not to renew his contract.

The heartbreak. When a character is front and centre for 5 seasons, they become like family to us. Rayna was a huge maternal figure, she taught the audience valuable life lessons, usually through song. She was the rock of the show and watching the show without her, felt completely wrong. For a character who nearly died in a car crash once, did they have to do us dirty and put her in another one, this time more fatal. One of the worst parts of the episode is her daughters singing to her, just before she’s gone. That, it got everyone. Unfortunately, Connie Britton wanted to explore other projects and didn’t think fair to dip in and out.

The death nobody expected or was prepared for, on screen or off screen. Barry was a funny character, full of charm, a good friend to all the characters. He was in the heart of the team and the show wasn’t the same without. Actor, Lee Thompson Young was sadly found dead after he failed to turn up for shooting one day. This death hits harder as it’s real. The show did a beautiful tribute to him and his character. They made it known how much he was loved and missed by keeping his toy robot on the desk as a reminder. RIP Lee.

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