The Power (2023) By Lola Louise

September 28, 2023

Prime Video’s underrated 2023 TV show, adapted from Naomi Alderman’s book by the same name. It follows women who gain the power of electricity and start to rise up as one by transferring their powers around, to be dominant in the world. Episodes are segmented into characters, slowly over time their paths cross over. The main characters are Margot, Jocelyn, Roxy, Allie and Tunde.

Okay, the only reason I’d heard about this show was because Josh Charles is a guest star, I’d just jumped in straight after a rewatch and was like “what is he up to now?” For a guest starring role, his performance was amazing as ever. Definitely strange seeing him as a villain although sometimes a comedic one.

If I had to say which story is the most shocking and intense, I would probably say Margot because her story didn’t get rounded up and was left on a life or death cliffhanger. It was shocking, pun intended.

Personally, the worst story is Roxy’s, yes, she went through a tragedy but how many times does she have to big herself up about who she is? Nobody cares who your Dad is, girl. It’s almost every chapter “Bernie Monk is my Dad” “this is Bernie Monk’s daughter” seriously, just coz he didn’t include you in one lousy speech at a wedding you didn’t even want to be at, doesn’t mean you have to make yourself included in every conversation.

An underrated story by far is Tatiana, I can’t wait to see more details of it. I like that she didn’t just accept her situation growing up and actively went out to change her world. Okay so, maybe she went the wrong way about things at times but being forced to do things you don’t want to do, isn’t okay at all. I’m glad she stood up for herself. Her story is barely in the book which is disappointing. I want to see more of her. At the end of the season, she’s now president, I want to see her use that position to do something good and give back.

Overrated story is Allie, I feel like she obviously relates to Roxy because they’re both quite vain. Allie went through bad things too, she didn’t deserve them either but damn, she’s a narcissist. Respect is earned not given. Expecting everyone to call her “Mother” acting like the voice in her is God and she’s God reborn. Comes off your high horse, not everything is about you. She just wants everyone to worship and validate her otherwise she’d probably kill them. She’s a dictator and doesn’t deserve the praise.

How accurate is the book to the show, very accurate, there’s not a lot of differences in characters except maybe accent wise. However, the book more than covers the first season of the show and could cover a second if it gets green lit which it hopefully will.

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