The Summer I Turned Pretty By Lola Louise

October 2, 2023

This show!!! Amazing all around. Everyone is obsessed at the moment but why? Is it because it’s one of the best teen dramas? Or is it because we want to know which couple is endgame? It’s like a non-vampiric Twilight.

The show follows Belly, as she goes to fictional place, Cousin’s for the summer. She’s done this every year of her life and now, she’s finally 16 and has had a glow up. She sees everything in a new light except her childhood crush Conrad. Only problem is, his brother Jeremiah, he always likes her a lot. You can see where this is going? Nope. You’re wrong. It’s more complicated than that.

This series is based off the books by Jenny Han, if you don’t recognise her name by now, you’ve been under a rock.

When a very important character in everyone’s story dies from cancer. It shakes up the entire narrative and causes conflict between the characters. Some things start off one way and end up the opposite. Nothing is for certain.

Who’s team to be on? That’s a debate, as more likely you’ll change your mind.

Conrad is kind of mysterious and scared to show who he really is. I’m guessing he feels judged by others.

Jeremiah is sweet, always helps others, knows who he is and doesn’t shy away from that at all.

Team Conrad, “JellyFish” or Belly?

After seeing two seasons, you definitely don’t want to be on team Belly, mainly because there’s too many times she’s ruined important things to make it about herself then takes no responsibility at all. She’s messed with peoples minds and hearts. If she’s so unsure what she wants, she needs to figure it out on her own instead of stringing others along the whole time then crying when it backfires. That’s the thing about being a teen though, you think you know more than you actually do but that is the time to make mistakes and learn from them.

What I love is that the series doesn’t just focus on teen stories, it focused on the adults too and their friendship that has blossomed from college. It’s about unbreakable bonds and being there for someone when you know they’re going through the worst thing on their life. Then the development from that to learning to live without someone who was soul mate, your everything. It’s heartbreaking in that aspect and you’ll be crying every episode. Maybe it’s coz it’s similar to my life experiences. I don’t know.

Currently reading the third book and I could have screamed for many different reasons, it’s truly shocking in every way possible. I just want to know how it’s going to end, it’s gone the opposite way of what originally was thought and I have the sneaky feeling it will go the other way by the end.

One thing that’s not mentioned is that it’s like the other side of life. It’s escapism from the real world with very beautiful locations.

Highly recommend!

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