The X Files at 30 and how relevant it is? By Lola Louise

September 28, 2023

You’d have to have your head under a rock to not know about this amazing show turning 30. 30 years since we had that beautiful introduction scene of Mulder and Scully. It was so perfect and binary opposite that it really hit things off. 30 years since CSM was introduced as a shady figure in a room who doesn’t say a thing. He’s an icon in his own right.

“Isn’t it nice to be suddenly so highly regarded?” The dialogue in the pilot set such a high standard and showed real creativity. Not only that, but the stage directions, they were genius. It’s the delivery the lines are done too, it enhances them completely. Credit to Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, they were remarkable.

When Scully is in her motel room, she hears a knock at the door.
Scully: Who is it?
Mulder: Steven Spielberg

One scene that was just so funny is when they’re both on the plane, Mulder is lying across the seats completely unfazed by the turbulent landing whereas Scully was completely scared. It makes you question, “who is he?”

Honourable mention to all of Scully’s outfits as they were such a vibe. Oversized blazers were a staple of the 90’s and are making their return now. One thing that stands out from the beginning about Scully is, she’s clearly fought to be where she is in a male dominated environment.
“If you have any doubt about my qualifications or credentials…”

Why is it becoming more relevant?

The stories of conspiracy and aliens are becoming even more relevant, if you’ve watched the news in the last few months you’d know there’s been UFO documents declassified and representatives swear at congress on the existence of them. Following that, NASA talking about the existence of aliens, then the questionable videos and photos of what looks like an alien body. Not to mention the worms found in ice off centuries ago which when taken out were still alive. 2023 has been a weird year for sure.

The X Files somehow predicted things that have come to happen which is crazy to think about, it shone a light on possibilities that things are going on without our knowledge and coverups. It’s not that hard to believe, given the current political climate. Anything is possible.
If there were any time to bring back the show for either a final movie or a final series with a closed ending, it would be now. The timing is perfect. Every time articles come out about findings or declassified unexplained phenomena, I’m like “I wonder what Mulder & Scully would think of this.” Hopefully, we will find that out at some point…

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