The X Files Review by Lola Louise

January 13, 2023

When I saw the most recent seasons of The X Files – 10 and 11 – in 2018 out of curiosity, I fell in love with the show. I didn’t know how it started but little did I know how it would end and potentially for good, unless a movie happens at some point. You never know? “I still believe” did happen almost 8 years after season 9 ended.

In 2018, the show wasn’t as accessible as it is now. Luckily, it is now available on multiple platforms to watch for free, meaning, that my curiosity finally got the better of me and I started out from the beginning properly. I couldn’t predict the grip this show has over me. It’s mesmerising and really opens minds to the possibilities of other life forms. I went watching it as Scully, not believing but finished as Mulder. I definitely believe. 1-7, plus, the movies are the best. It kind of is hit and miss after a while. There’s something so unique and powerful about 90’s crime/alien fighting duos that just can’t be replicated as easily today.

There’s so much banter and chemistry between Scully & Mulder or “Smulder” as they’re known in the fandoms, mainly because they did indeed get together. I mean, they really took their time but sometimes that makes it much better. The writing of the stories is magical. They don’t make shows like they used to. It was such quality and it’s a shame that most likely there’ll never be another season. Never say never. After a recent interview with David Duchovny, rumours started to fly around due to a clickbait article saying “X Files return” when that is far from the truth. David expressed that he wouldn’t ever want to do the show again without Gillian Anderson which emphases the bond they have. He would prefer they find the new “Mulder and Scully.” Hopefully some questions about the likelihood of a reboot or renewal will be raised sooner rather than later. The fan base is forever growing especially with gen z’s discovery via Disney plus.

As a fan and a screenwriter: I would love to see a reboot or revival which shows a new generation of agents but with Mulder and Scully to learn from. There are plenty of things that could be done with the franchise as technology has developed vastly even since 2018, now there definitely couldn’t be videos of alien existence hidden.

One thing I question however, is the “Cigarette smoking man or C.G.B Spender” still alive? Would he continue to reign havoc or would he have given up? It is a thing to think about.

10/10 recommended watching. Would love to see more seasons or even a movie at some point in the future before it is too late.

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