January 9, 2024

When I studied GCSE Media in 2016, a time when my brain didn’t think to its full potential, I got taught about a theory called “Hypodermic Needle Theory.” it was technically a debunked theory that the media gives us ideas and they infiltrate our every day, they make us change. Except the creation of it was only used with a bad connotation.

Let’s spin this. How many people have been inspired by TV to change their lives for the better? How many have chosen to go down a certain career path after watching something? There’s actually quite a lot.

People often say “it’s just a TV show, why are you making a big deal?” The big deal is that they can shape the future right there and then, changing the way we see the world and our lives. They can inform us and guide us, teach us life lessons, help us accept who we are and feel less alone.

Take The X Files for example and The Scully Effect, Dana Scully inspired many women to go into the field of science. This was revolutionary as it was a male dominant field. Or, Grey’s Anatomy, many people watching decided to go into medicine because of the show, there’s always running jokes about the advantages in the field. Criminal Minds, taught people to be wary and even taught profiling/behaviour analysis skills so we can see through the facades and potentially protect ourselves from danger.

One show that changed the entire narrative of my life was ER. I never watched it much on its original run as I was a kid but as soon as it was replayed and I recognised the title, I had to give it a go. Right there was what changed my future, one decision. The beautifully crafted drama with many likeable characters, comedic moments and 15 seasons. I knew after a few episodes, I wanted to write my own ER. A show so powerful that it holds up even decades on. Skip forward, here I am with 2 tv series that are completely unique and will be as revolutionary in their own way. Usually when watching shows like that they encourage you into medicine itself but with me, it was different. I did try to follow that path and a kind friend reminded me who I was, a creative with many ideas. She encouraged me to take a step and write.

Where would I be without this?
Probably regretting my decisions and would have been bouncing around careers in the hopes of something that would stick. I get bored. When you create your own journey, you can never get bored as there’s always more you can explore.

Is the media really all bad?
Okay so, yes there’s a lot of brainwashing and bias going on, mainly in the news. If you stay away from reality of every day and find something that peaks interest. It can shape ourselves going forward.

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