Where were the phones? A Grey’s Anatomy theory! By Lola Louise

January 4, 2024

Calling dedicated Grey’s Anatomy fans and stans, this is a theory that could have changed the entire timeline of the show. It’s simple and when you hear it, you’ll want to go back and watch the dreaded episode again to see if its right.

Remember the heartbreaking plane crash, “Flight?” Sorry. Who could forget that tragedy that saw some of our favorite characters fighting for their lives and some losing theirs.

Here’s the tea. If you think back to the episode, yes, it’s traumatic but still…Did you notice the inconsistencies that were never talked about at all? To start: A plane does not go unnoticed when falling from the sky, most flights are tracked going to and from their destination, this usually happens via control towers and more recently phones. There’s apps to track planes and users definitely can see when something goes wrong. Why didn’t anyone notice? Also, why did it take people so long to realise that the plane has crashed? According to characters in following episodes, it was around 14 days. Usually, there will be final co-ordinates and a clue to where the plane is. When the helicopter goes over, if it did, was that real? They would have been spotted due to the technology on board, especially if it was a rescue which it most likely was, how many helicopters fly over a forest in Boise for fun? That’s only part 1 to this theory.

When scenes were filmed at Seattle Grace, Owen rings Cristina, Alex rings Arizona. Where were everyone’s phones? You’re saying that nobody at all had their phone on them? Why were people ringing them? They wouldn’t just conveniently leave their phones when travelling, it’s unnatural. So, back to the question, where were the phones? They can’t have all been wrecked in the crash. Fair enough, there might have not been signal at all but surely someone would have clicked on to “Wait, what about our phones?” They didn’t which is very sus. Before someone says “Where would the phones have been?” Most likely in their scrub pockets or in their jackets. Highly doubt they’d be put in a suitcase. Even on Lost, people tried their phones, this episode was inspired by Lost for those who don’t know. Someone needs to clarify these plot holes. It’s been over 10 years.

These theories could have completely changed the narrative of seasons following. It would have been a lot less dramatic but still…Some of our favourites probably wouldn’t have died and couples would still be together. Slexie could have had a better happy ending, not saying that was a happy ending, Chyler Leigh was the one who said Lexie died happy. Can’t agree to that. Lexie by miracle could have survived, not impossible, just slightly unrealistic. Calzona would have still been together, let’s face it, Arizona made Callie’s life hell over her leg, that was the straw that broke the camels back. Cristina and Owen would most likely have worked out as there’d be no court case and he wouldn’t have been to blame. Merder, Meredith and Derek would have been happier, there would have been less strain. The final major thing is, the hospital would never be called Grey Sloan. That is a big change.

After hearing this, do you want another “What If” episode? Let us know in the comments.

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